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About Tanis Food Tec

Tanis Food Tec produces and supplies high-quality machines and process installations to the food industry. They supply the machines worldwide for producing, for example, well-known biscuits and marshmallows. Tanis Food Tec has been supplying these types of machines to the food industry since 1989.

Tanis Food Tec

What have we done?

From Tanis Food Tec we got the assignment to develop a user-friendly website that fits the search behavior of the target group. With this assignment we went to work and this resulted in a website where practical product pages have been developed. The technical specifications have a clear place on this. This information is important to be able to sell the right equipment or parts. In this way, the website will be able to better serve the existing and new customers. The customer is central to the new website. The product pages are search engine friendly so that the pages are well indexed and thus more potential customers can be obtained.

Interactive world map

Tanis Food Tec works with agents around the world. On the new website this is shown in an interactive world map on which you can easily find the nearest agent with the contact details. This way the customers can quickly contact the right person!

Because Tanis Food Tec works internationally, we have also created an English, Russian and Spanish website.

In the coming period we will focus more on conversion via the website. This way we can contribute even more to the (online) success of Tanis Food Tec.


Tanis Food Tec


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