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About FPSupport

FMIS from FPsupport.nl is a Facility Management Information System. FMIS is used to be ‘in control’ about facility processes and the various management tasks that support the primary processes of organizations.

With the Facility Management Information System (FMIS) of FPSupport.nl it is easy to monitor technical facilities and safety processes. Being in control at all times about maintenance, procedures and safety plans.


What have we done?

The request to Toomba was to develop an application that can provide a form of assurance of facility processes. Following and executing business processes is often a huge challenge. Certainly if the organization is large, or if there are major consequences for the incorrect execution of the processes.

One of the main challenges was to make it a user-friendly and simple tool. Tomomba built this tool modularly with Preside CMS. In the process we went through the following steps: functional design, flowchart and sitemap, design and technology. The result is a user-friendly application with nice features:

  • For each task, a description, document, location or, for example, a priority can be added in which the right manager can be assigned.
  • Dashboards with open tasks.
  • Are there tasks about time? Then e-mails are automatically sent to the responsible persons.
  • Adding branch specific modules is no problem, for example fire safety.
  • It is also possible to have tasks recurring, for example for periodic checks.
  • There are different types of users with associated rights possible. Such as a supplier who can create processes and employees (responsible) who can carry out the task in question.
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