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Website development

About Velthuyse en Mulder

Toomba first developed a new web design that matches the new house style of We Match. Based on the design, we started to develop the new website. In order to meet the wishes and needs that clients and jobseekers can find each other quickly and easily, we built a user-friendly module.


Wat hebben we gedaan?

Toomba developed a new platform for Velthuyse and Mulder that consists of several parts: a public website with quick calculation, a personal environment (my environment web), an environment for the intermediary, a back-end environment and an app.

The platform is intended for small investors, for example private individuals who want to invest for the study of their child or for their pension. The platform steers on investing with a purpose, so that the investor achieves the goal at the end of the journey with the help of the advice and support of Doelbeleggen.nl.

Complex project: linking different systems
The project was a challenging, dynamic, but above all complex. A duty of care file, different goals and risk profiles had to be linked to each other. Because it is about people’s capabilities, it is important to ensure reliability, precision and accuracy.

Choice for Open Source CMS
The customer has indicated that we prefer a specific open-source CMS. In this case MODX. We first investigated whether this open source CMS was the best choice with regard to this project to avoid later disappointments. Fortunately, this CMS appeared to fit perfectly and we quickly started working on this. We have cooperated extensively with the development department of Velthuyse and Mulder. For this project we have worked with PHP in combination with Javascript because of the existing system in the MODX CMS.

Security is an important part in Fintech
Because we have been active in the FinTech world for many years, we have a lot of experience with the important safety aspects that come with it. That is how we work according to the OWASP principle. At doelbeleggen.nl we work with the different personal and company data and we also make deposits through the software. That is why security is also a very important part here.

We have developed a special API for this and used HTTPS / SSL. In addition, additional safety measures were taken during the installation and setup of the CMS. In addition, different forms of encryption are used when storing and sending data.


Velthuyse en Mulder


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