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“Being entrepeneurs ourselves, we understand how important it is that your needs are fully understood. That’s why we will always work together with you, our client, to find the right solution.”

Sander Bruinsma


Our teams work closely together according to the Agile method. Projects are subdivided into smaller projects. Clear agreements are made within the team about who is responsible for what. Every day we keep each other informed of the developments. This way we can fulfill your assignment in the most efficient way. The turnaround times are short within Toomba. Fast delivery is no problem. This means a cost reduction for you by lowering the risk.

Short lines

The lines are short within Toomba. Both with you and the client and with each other. Everyone knows each other’s work and can therefore take over each other’s tasks. This keeps the turnaround times short and means a cost reduction for you by lowering the risk. With all the disciplines in house we are a full service internet agency. So you do not have to switch between agencies, which ensures efficiency.

“In our view delivering the right quality is not a luxury, but a precondition. That is why we keep each other sharp and work in teams to deliver successful end products for you.”


Our customized solutions

You would like a technical good working website. In addition, you want to keep the visitors on your website for as long as possible. A good user experience and the right design are important factors in this. That’s why we work with wireframes. Our specialists have years of experience in user experience, design and conversion optimization and can help you get the best out of your website.

Strategy & concept

Do you have a website, but aren’t sure how to strategically use it to increase sales? Are you looking to save costs by automating (most) of the manual maintenance of your website? Are you looking to increase your online presence? Toomba helps you set goals to arrive at a concrete plan of action.

Website development

Toomba is the specialist in the development and realization of websites, web shops and web applications. With more than 20 specialists in-house, more than 17 years of online experience and fun in our profession, we guarantee successful online platforms. In addition to Adobe Coldfusion, we work with the open source CMS and WordPress and ModX.

App development

You would like to develop an app? Our developers are experienced app developers, we like to work with the development of your app. From the goal, to interactive design to eventual development and promotion.

Coldfusion development

Within Toomba we work with the programming language Adobe Coldfusion. Need support for your Coldfusion / Lucee project? Our CFML developers have the knowledge to migrate your application to the latest standards, including containerization, 12-factor app and micro-services.

Online Marketing

Do you want to be easier to find online and better measure online marketing? The right online visibility gives your website more relevant visitors. We are convinced that online success is also feasible for you. Our experts look at what realistic goals are and how we can make this measurable.

Full-service & support

A website or app must be maintained by, among other things, maintaining and expanding the content and further development of functionalities to keep up with online marketing and the latest technical developments. Toomba has various options for this.


DevOps: What is it and how can we help you?

DevOps is a standardized process, in which the developer initiates new features. If the automated tests show that an error has occurred, the developer will receive this immediately. We apply DevOps in our own business operations. That has proved very successful. We therefore have experience with both the DevOps method and the organizational side.

In practice we run into problems that we find a solution for. This knowledge is available to our customers. Most competitors are consultants who lack this practical perspective.

The employees ultimately determine the success of the change. A one-sided focus on methods and techniques does not fulfill their role. Competitors often focus on a certain part of this spectrum: the hard or the soft side; we offer an integrated approach.

Our clients

We see our clients as partners. The collaborations are often for the long term. We therefore not only look into customer demand, but go much further than that. This is how we arrive at the best customized solutions.

Our methods

With a team of more than 20 professionals in the field of web development, design, online marketing and project management, Toomba offers an online total solution. We advise the entire Agile project for some customers. The project is pre-determined with other clients. In all projects we use an Agile project board (Scrum and Kanban). To achieve a successful website or application, our method is as follows:


    In a brainstorm session all wishes are discussed with the customer. On the basis of the objectives, an action plan is drawn up and sprints are divided.


    The wireframes and sitemap show how an effective way is navigated through the website, then we create a web design that has the right image.


    After the developed web design, the most important step follows: the technical realization to arrive at a fully functional and user-friendly website.


    Generate more leads, analyze results, be found better in Google or be active on social media. We help you get started with the online marketing.

Get online success

We are convinced that online success is also feasible for you. Whether you operate regionally or mainly serve the (inter) national market. Toomba is working as a fast-growing company on many web solutions. Nothing is too crazy for us. We are happy to help you to be innovative in your industry.

Do you wonder: how can I generate more leads? Or: how can I serve my customers more intelligently? If you want to know how your company can achieve better online results, please do not hesitate to tell us. With us it starts with a free conversation with good coffee.