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Succesfull end products

"In our opinion, delivering high-quality solutions is of the utmost importance. That's why we stay sharp, working as a team to give our clients successful websites and web applications"

Sander Bruinsma & Martijn Steltman


Our development teams work closely together using the Agile method. Projects get divided into bite-sized "mini-projects". Our teams make clear and consice agreements on who's responsible for which of these mini-projects. We make sure that everyone is kept up-to-speed on any development. By doing this, we can complete your request in the most efficient way possible.

Toomba teams

"nO barriers" approach

Here at Toomba, there are no barriers between everyone involved with the project, including between our clients and us. Everyone knows what someone is working on. This allows our team to switch tasks on-the-fly, our lead times to be brief, and, because of the lower risk, saving you, our client, money in the long run.

Toomba samenwerking

Our development process

In order to create successful websites or applications, we at Toomba perform the following steps in our development process:

Functional Design

In the functional design step, Toomba assesses and creates a document that contains anything related to the functionality and purpose of your application or website.


After creating a functional design, we start creating a fitting web design to match your application or website.

Technical realization

After completing the process of creating a functional design and a web design, we start with the final step: the technical realization of the product.

Our design process

To ensure that we create a successful design for our clients, we at Toomba do two things:


In a brainstorm session, Toomba and the client discuss the client's needs and wishes. These needs and wishes will be the foundation of the wireframes.


The purpose of a wireframe is to ensure that visitors of the website will be able to navigate said website in an efficient, user-friendly manner.

Visual design

After the wireframes are approved, the design for the website will be created, tailor-made to the client's corporate identity.