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Our tailor-made solutions

“We dont see our clients as customers, but as business partners. The partnerships Toomba and our clients partake in are for the long run. This is why we always look beyond the needs and wishes of our clients. This is how we end up with the best tailor-made solutions.”

Sander Bruinsma & Martijn Steltman

The feedback company

The Feedback Company has existed since 2010, and supplies their clients with a customer feedback tool, that allows companies and webshop owners alike to listen to their customers in a proactive way. Toomba is in charge of improving and refining their tool, so they can stay ahead of the competition.

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Yanmar, a company with over 16.000 employees worldwide, has been making diesel engines since 1912. Toomba actively takes care of the design and technical side of their website. Toomba was also responsible for the redesign, that has been implemented on all Yanmar websites in Europe.

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Bloom Kitchen

Bloom Kitchen Bar is a restaurant located in downtown Weesp, where experience, sense and taste are their top priority. Toomba created a brand new corporate identity for Bloom Kitchen Bar, created the strategy for their online marketing and also actively taking care of it and developed their new website.

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NN Investment Partners (formerly known as ING Investment Management) is a company that performs a wide range of financial services, in areas such as protecting their client's capital or advising them on how to help them grow their capital.

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We Match is a intermediary that always strives to make the perfect matches between contractor and candidate. Toomba created a new website for We Match, but also developed a unique module specifically for We Match, that allows contractors and candidates find the perfect match even faster.

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Wellness Boerderij

The Wellness Boerderij (Wellness Farm) is a resort / spa farm, located in Egmond aan den Hoef. All kinds of (spa) treatments can be experienced, and you can even spend the night there. Toomba created a new corporate identify and website for them, in order to improve their conversion rating.

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