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About Toomba

"Winning the FD Gouden Gazelle award in 2014, for 'company with the most growth', was the jewel for our crown. Our future? Keep up the growth and innovation, so we can keep giving you, our client, the best service possible."

Sander Bruinsma & Martijn Steltman

Why choose TOOMBA?

Choosing for Toomba is also choosing for:

  • A solution for any problem
  • Rapid return in investments
  • Innovative solutions
  • Certified employees
  • Reliable enviroment

Up to date knowledge

At Toomba, we actively invest in our team. We do this by having them following courses, internal and external knowledge sessions, visiting (inter)national seminars. Our certified specialists are the reason we offer only high-quality products.

Always BE innovative

Keeping up with new developements is part of our DNA. We always strive to make our processes faster, cheaper and/or more flexible. By doing this, we can achieve the best results for you.

Toomba: How it all began

We are a full service Internet agency located in Lelystad, that has settled for nothing less than excellent performance. As a testament to our hard work, Toomba was awarded with the prestigeous "Gouden Gazelle" award in 2014, and is a 2015 nominee for the same award. It all started in 1997, when Martijn Steltman and Sander Bruinsma founded Toomba. Both of them have years of experience in developing complex web solutions. Over the years, they have grown into a high-value business partner for many renowned companies. We are experts on Coldfusion and Lucce and our team is comprised of senior CFML developers. This is how we can guarantee the best solution for your challenges.

If you have any questions? Please contact us

Sander Bruinsma

Case specialist

T: 0320 - 280327